Gomen/Collard Green

Gomen/greens is a popular Ethiopian wot which is mostly served with one or more of the main wot types discussed in earlier topics, Misir Wot, Shiro Wot, or Dinch Wot. It is not commonly served as the only type of wot in the Ethiopian dish.


1 big yellow/red onion sliced in pieces
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
4 roots of green onion/ optional for better taste
1/4 cup Cooking oil
3 lbs collard green/chopped or sliced(spinach or kale can replace the collard)
Salt ( as needed)
1 tsp black pepper and/or cardamom
2 big green pepper/sliced


  1. Slice one big yellow/red onion and pour it in a pan, cook it until it turns a little brownish, occasionally stirring.
  2. Add a 1/4 cup cooking oil and, stir occasionally
  3. Add the chopped garlic and cook the mix for 10 minutes occasionally stirring (can optionally go after step 5 below)
  4. Chop or shred the collard green, rinse it once, and add it in the cooking mix
  5. Cook the mix 15-20 minutes, occasionally stirring, check if the collard is cooked as you desire
  6. Add salt as desired
  7. Add black pepper and cardamom (optional)
  8. Slice two green pepper, and add to the cooking mix, and remove the pot from heat

Cool it for a while, and it is ready for serving. It can be served with Injera (Ethiopian flat bread) as additional variety with other stews. It can also be served with pita bread or tortilla. Some even serve it with rice.