Minchet/Ground Beef Stew

Minchet Wot/Ground Beef Stew is the same as Siga Wot (Beef Stew) except we use ground beef instead of beef cute here. Itis another popular Ethiopian dish which is good for lunch and dinner. It can be served by itself with Injera or with other wot types.

Note: if you do not like the spiciness, you can replace the Berbere with tomato paste and turmeric.


• 2 Pounds Onions (more or less on how much you need)
• 2 cups of Oil (more or less based on the amount of onion)
• 1 cup Berbere (red pepper powder) (more or less as needed)
• 2tbsp of garlic-ginger paste
• Black cardamom (ground)
• Nitir Kibbeh (spiced butter)
• Water
• 2 lbs Ground Beef (obviously)


  1. Chop the onion and cook it under medium heat until it turn brown, frequently stirring to prevent burning.
  2. Add the oil, frequently stirring.
  3. Add Berbere (still stirring)
  4. Add the garlic-ginger paste (also possible to add at the end)
  5. Cook it for about an hour (more or less as needed), occasionally stirring
  6. Add little hot water while stirring to prevent burning
  7. Add your ground beef and stir it thoroughly. Add little hot water as needed while stirring
  8. Keep stirring for about 15 minutes and add more hot water (to the thickness of the stew you wish) to cook the beef
  9. When you think the beef is well cooked, add the Nitir Kibbeh (spiced butter), and Cardamom and leave it for 5-10 minutes under low heat
  10. Turn the heat off and wait until it cools down a little

The ground beef stew is now ready to be served with Injera (the flat Ethiopian bread). Don’t forget to wash your hands because you are going to eat it with your hand.
Bon Appetite!