Vegan Lunch and Dinner

Variety of Vegan Lunch and Dinner

Ethiopia is known to be one of the most vegan-friendly cuisines in the world. Vegan food is commonly called “fasting food” in Ethiopia, because the Orthodox church requires its followers to stay vegan (omit all animal products from their diets) at times of fasting.

There are variety of Ethiopian vegan food options, traditionally accompanied by Injera (Ethiopian flat bread). However, any local bread or pita, or tortilla works as well. another important term in the Ethiopian cuisine is Wot, a term generally describing Ethiopian main dishes, wots can vary from a thin curry to a thick stew, and at varying levels of spiciness. Commonly, the Injera is served with more than one type of Wat; at least one being spicy. A very commonly used ingredient in Ethiopian Wot is chopped onion, and Berbere (spiced red pepper powder).