Operating Systems

apple logo on back of computer, iPhone, and microsoft windows logo

Operating systems are software applications that manage and coordinate all of the hardware and software on the computer. The operating system almost always comes pre-loaded on new computers. The most common types for personal computers are Windows, created by Microsoft, and macOS, created by Apple; however, there are other less-common systems. It’s not necessary nor important to know how an operating system works. However, it is important for the user to know which operating system they have on their computer, especially for software updates or for seeking assistance.

  • PC / Windows – Personal computers or PC began with the original IBM-PC in 1981, and is now the most common type of computer, being manufactured. PC’s are now manufactured by many different companies, not just IBM. PC’s run on the Microsoft Windows operating system. According to PC magazine, PC’s have better accessibility or support for individuals with disabilities and desktop management features than Macs.
  • Apple / Mac –┬áThe Macintosh computer began in 1984 and are all made by Apple and run on the macOS operating system. According to PC magazine, Macs are more stable and have better security than PC’s

Choosing between the two is mostly a matter of personal preference, but the main difference between the two is simply software. You will find both to have advantages and disadvantages.

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