Introduction to Post-Secondary Teaching

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"Post-Secondary Teaching Series" above WSU wheat logoWelcome to Wichita State University Graduate School’s Introduction to Post-Secondary Teaching 2018-2019 non-credit badge course. In order to earn this digital credential, you must view the four training videos, successfully complete an assessment covering all four trainings, and successfully complete a reflection essay assignment covering what you learned in these trainings. Please allow approximately three hours to complete this course.


  1. Teaching with Blackboard by Dr. Carolyn Speer
  2. Teaching in the American Classroom by Dr. Freh Wuhib
  3. Accessibility Training for Instructors/GTA’s by Dr. Carolyn Speer
  4. Managing Classroom Discussions by John Jones


After watching all four video trainings, you must earn an 85% or higher on the course competency quiz, for which you have unlimited attempts.

Reflection Paper

Upload a 1 – 2 page, double-spaced, 12-pt font, reflection paper discussing one of the three options:

  1. how you have implemented any of the ideas from these trainings in your own teaching
  2. how you plan to implement ideas from these trainings in your own teaching
  3. your personal teaching philosophy

To begin this course, you will need to have an account and login. If you are not logged in or do not have an account, click “Login to Enroll” in the upper right of your screen. Next, click on one of the lessons below. At the bottom of each window, you will have the option to mark the lesson as complete (which will move you to the next lesson) or click on the “next lesson” button. A course navigation menu will remain on the left side of your screen for direct access to any page, including the quiz. Once you have reviewed all the content in this course, please attempt the Introduction to Post-Secondary Teaching Competency Quiz.