Welcome to WSU Bridges

Welcome to WSUBridges, a site dedicated to brining educational opportunities to you when you need them. Our free courses are divided into four separate categories:

  • Learn: where you can learn what you need in order to prepare to enter college or your graduate program.
  • Teach: where you can learn the skills necessary to be a successful university teacher.
  • Work: where you can learn what you need to know in order to get a job or change jobs.
  • Thrive: where you can learn fun stuff that will enrich your life.

Each of our learning areas is associated with an image of a famous bridge in the Wichita, Kansas area.  If you successfully complete one of our free online courses, you will receive a digital credential from Acclaim stating your accomplishment.  All of this is free to you.

To browse our courses, choose one of the bridge images below. All courses are listed as part of the menu found on the right of the screen. You will need to make an account to begin, but accounts are also free.

Welcome! NOW is a great time to start learning.

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