Adjusting to College

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Most first-year college students have had pre-conceived ideas and expectations about college since they were in high school. Some may look forward to college and entering adulthood, while others may be dreading leaving their home and the life they knew. No matter their expectations, almost all will face obstacles and issues they weren’t anticipating. These issues may manifest feelings of sadness, loneliness, and stress. These feelings are normal and part of the transition to college. This course will cover five life challenges you can expect to have in college, along with providing tips for making these adjustments smoothly.

Please allow up to 20 minutes to complete this course.

Although this course was designed for Wichita State students, it is open and suitable for new or prospective students of any higher education institution.

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About the Author: This course was written and designed by the Office of Instructional Design and Access at Wichita State University with information provided by The Counseling and Testing Center’s  “Five Life Changes to Expect in College: Tips for Making the Adjustment.”